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At the VTC, we always are thankful for media partners who share the impact we have and elevate the voices of our Veterans. These platforms help raise awareness about the issues our Veterans struggle with on a daily basis, highlight the need for affordable housing, and change misconceptions about Veterans who are released from incarceration. Find out what's happening at VTC - click on the articles linked below - and consider signing up for our newsletter to stay up to date with exciting new efforts underway.

VTC March Newsletter


Two men hugging eachother. The man in a white hat is facing the camera and smiling

They save each other': Incarcerated veterans live with, train rescued puppies at California state prison


Two Veterans at CTF Soledad sitting infront of a mural and holding the dog from Wiley's Wish that they are training.


Finding Home

Radio Program

VTC Graduate Kevin sitting with his dog Bandit

Monterey County Weekly:

Veterans Transition Center Seeks to End Veteran Homelessness with 71 Units

CEO Kurt Schake and COO Mike Stull viewing a map of Hayes Circle

Monterey Herald:

VTC selected to develop former VA clinic into veteran housing in Seaside


VTC December Newsletter


VTC board member Regina Mason signing a wooden beam surrounded by the Marina community at the Wall raising ceremony

VTC September Newsletter

VTC board members viewing the blue prints of Lightfighter Village with Huff Construction

Monterey Herald:

Music in the Forest Concert Fundraiser VTC Music Therapy Room

3 VTC graduates standing behind the VTC booth at the Music in the Forest Fundraiser

Monterey County Weekly:

Last Chance Mercantile gives old stuff new life, and gives the veterans a new life as well.

Veteran working behind the counter at Last Chance Mercantile.jpeg

Monterey Herald:

VTC selected to develop former VA clinic into veteran housing in Seaside

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