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VTC emphasizes the importance of housing for our Veterans; this Housing First model is essential to help our residents stabilize as they connect with benefits and develop life skills while searching for their new home. The Veterans Transition Center offers several housing  programs including Emergency, Transitional, and Permanent Supportive Housing.

Health Care for

Homeless Veterans

Funded through the VA Health Care for Homeless Veterans, this emergency housing program moves Veterans off the streets and into a warm & safe bed for up to 60 days.

Long Term Offender Re-Entry Recovery Program

This residential program provides meals, housing, support services, and supervision in a safe, clean, and sober living environment for Veterans on parole. These residents are placed with a VTC case manager who helps them with employment, VA benefits, social services, and enrollment in mandated classes while providing positive support and community involvement.

Grant Per Diem

Since 2003, this transitional housing program allows Veterans and their family members to comfortably live as they get connected to benefits, participate in our programs, and find permanent housing.


There are three VA specific programs as part of this housing program:


The Bridge Program offers Transitional housing for up to 90 days for veterans who are homeless and have applied for or received a HUD-VASH voucher before moving into permanent housing.

The Service Intensive Program provides transitional housing for Veterans while focusing on supportive services, case management, stability, and individual development prior to seeking permanent housing solutions.

Clinical Housing is a trauma-informed and clinically focused program with case management and housing goals designed for veterans with a mental health diagnosis, substance use disorders, or multiple diagnosis. The clinical program offers an onsite LCSW for individual therapy, group therapy, and relapse prevention groups.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Without the stress of an end date on the lease & support through the Department of Housing and Urban Development Veterans Assistance for Supportive Housing Voucher Program, these Veterans prepare to take the final step towards self-sufficiency & continue to have access to our supportive programs. If a Veterans does not qualify for HUD-VASH, a cash pay program is available.

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