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Enrichment Groups at VTC

The residents at VTC each have a personalized program depending on the individual service plan built with their case manager. This incorporates their particular needs and personal goals. We offer a variety of programming onsite at Martinez Hall; many of these groups are open to all Veterans. Please reach out if you are interested in participating via our Contact tab.

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Cooking Class

Our food pantry is a wonderful way to make sure our Veterans will never have to question where their next meal will come from. However, not knowing how to cook tasty food is a barrier to independent living. This is why our team hosts a weekly cooking class with food from our pantry to teach our residents how to create a delicious meal and share time with their community. 

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Financial Education

Every week, we bring in a guest speaker so our residents can talk with an expert about financial literacy and learn how to save money. These tools pave the way for success when Veterans graduate from our programs.

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Job Club & Employment Resource Group

While most of our residents qualify for retirement, some still want to dive back into civilian employment but face various challenges when it comes to obtaining and keeping a job. This class assists Veterans with how to build a resume, how to navigate modern technology, and any other challenges they may face in the workforce.

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Treating Trauma through Shakespeare and Science, DeCruit is a narration therapy that teaches breathwork and body awareness through an open dialogue using Shakespeare.

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Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous

At VTC headquarters, we offer this important Veteran support group for Alcohol and Narcotics Recovery. 


Anger Management

A 12 week course on anger management, teaching residents how to identify sources of anger and how to respond to anger-inducing situations in constructive ways.

Holding Hands
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Job Interview

Domestic Violence Prevention

A 52 week course on domestic violence to build healthy coping techniques and strategies when faced with conflict, with the goal of developing healthy relationships.

Holding Hands

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Teaching residents how to

resolve issues, DBT focuses four skills:

  • Mindfulness

  • Distress Tolerance

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Emotional Regulation

 Using these techniques, our Veterans learn how to identify problems, set goals, prioritize their time, and improve their sense of self-worth.

Seeking Safety

Seeking Safety is based on identifying safety as a priority and learning new, positive ways to cope with stressful situations. This group integrates treatment of PTSD and substance abuse while focusing on positive ideals, disengaging from emotional pain, and asking for help.

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Housing Search Group HUD-VASH

VA Representative Scott Swanson offers valuable support to residents by assisting with housing searches, providing application assistance, and even driving Veterans to properties they may want to rent.

Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists, Inc.

VA Representative David Rice provides assistance and guidance to Veterans related to employment searches, resume writing, job applications, and mock interviews.


Relapse Prevention

 Establishing a schedule, setting goals, and making a plan are essential elements to decrease the chances that people will relapse into substance abuse. Participants are encouraged to:

  • Ask for help

  • Identify triggers and warning signs

  • Build healthy habits

  • Find social supports

  • Practice forgiveness

  • Celebrate milestones

  • Practice gratitude

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Life Skills

Substance Use Disorder & Harm Reduction

Our customized group class is designed to empower Veterans to understand, internalize, and apply life skills in day-to-day life, fostering resilience and a sense of purpose as they transition to civilian living.

VA Representative Johnny Beach offers a welcoming space for individuals to engage in open discussions about substance use disorders, coping strategies, and harm reduction techniques.

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