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Case Management

Two men inside of a dining room. The Man on the left is sitting on is walker waring grey shorts, a white long sleeve shirt, glasses around his neck, and a black hat with a red a yellow logo on it. He has his smart phone out and is scrolling through. The Man on the right is wearing dark jeans, a black shirt, Dark blue zip up hoodie, glasses, and a dark hat. He is looking over the other guys shoulder assisting him with what is on his phone.

Case Management supports our residents in emergency, transitional, and permanent housing, with tailored support to meet individual needs and ensure a safe and supportive environment.

*If you or someone you know is a Veteran facing housing insecurity, please email

Veteran Support Services

Two men in dark jeans and orange construction jackets grabbing flag poles out of the back of a silver pickup truck. The truck has text on the back. The red Text says Veterans Transitin center. The blue text below says housing for homeless veterans. Below that line reads (831) 883-VETS

VSS assists struggling Veterans in achieving self-sufficiency by providing modern living conditions, job training, therapy, food bank supplies, transportation, and resources.

* If you or someone you know is a Veteran facing housing insecurity, please contact Dan Scott.

* If you have questions about our programs for Veterans who are currently incarcerated, please contact Jennie Nestler.

Strategic Initiatives

Three men standing behind a table and next to a standing info banner. The table has a black cover with the VTC logo visible and flyers, brocures, and pens are scattered around the table. The first man on the left is wearing light blue jeans, a light grey hoodie, a yellow vest, and a black hat with a yellow logo on it. The man in the middle is wearing dark jeans, a black Tshirt, a bright blue zip up jacket and a light grey hat with dark text on it. The man on the right is wearing a black Tshirt, Black zipup jacket, and a black hat holding a water bottle and food. All three men are looking at the camera smiling.

The Department of Strategic Initiatives improves VTC's support for Veterans by enhancing marketing and fundraising efforts through donor relations, grant writing, and building community connections.

*To inquire about donations, email

Transformative Re-Entry

At CTF Soledad men in their blue prison attire are being blessed by men in traditional Navajo attire.

Transformative Re-entry is dedicated to providing holistic programs for Veterans who were previously incarcerated, giving them a second chance at life.

*To inquire about a Veteran about to earn their parole, email

Last Chance Mercantile

A white Warehouse building with blue trim. The building has large words at the top that say Last Chance Mercantile. There are glass doors that are open.

We established an LLC at the ReGen waste facility in Marina. Our team at LCM provides revenue for VTC programs, employs Veterans, and diverts waste from the landfill, pulling treasures from the discarded items. At this facility, we accept many types of donated items; please visit their website for more information on their hours and suitable donations.

Finance & Compliance


More information coming soon!

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