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A Dedication to LCpl Nathan Neal. Written by His Family


Nathan Neal, known to everyone as Nate the Great, passed away on May 26, 2024. Nate loved life, and those fortunate enough to be exposed to his happiness found their lives changed and filled with joy. Nate had so many dreams and accomplished many of them in his short life. He traveled the globe with his family, seeing 20-plus countries and experiencing different cultures that would shape his loving character.

He completed two years of college and decided he wanted more adventure. He enlisted in the US Marines as a Cryptologic Language Analyst, completing six months of Chinese at the prestigious Defense Language Institute (DLI). May 13 was his first anniversary with the Corp. Nate loved being a Marine and being with his Marine Brothers and Sisters. On his passing, the Marines and friends sent hundreds of pictures to our family detailing his adventures and goofiness, making him a joy to so many in the world.

Nate's greatest treasure and most significant accomplishment in life were his love for his family and his brother JR, who was his confidant, closest friend, and ally—a staunch protector and buddy throughout life.

His passion for family also overflowed to those less fortunate. With his young career in the Marines, he gravitated to the selfless cause of the Veterans Transition Center of California (VTC), which empowers veterans to move from crisis to self-sufficiency. To everyone who reads Nate's tribute and contributes to VTC in honor of Nate, our family thanks you for your love and friendship.  It is comforting to know Nate has many friends, brothers, sisters, family, and colleagues who enriched his life.

Nathan was a guest at the VTC's first annual Hope for Heroes Gala on May 11th 2024, and his presence will be greatly missed in the coming years. To make a donation to the VTC in Nathans name, click the button below.

100% of the proceed go to supporting Veterans in need.

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