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We would like to take a moment to thank the following companies and organizations for recognizing the importance of our work and awarding us with the following grants.

ReGen Monterey awarded us a grant as part of the Edible Food Recovery Program, which allowed us to acquire a 72 cubic inch fridge and freezer, extend our food pantry hours, and reach 30% more low-income veterans in need of food

Stanley W. Ekstrom Foundation.jpg

The Stanley W. Ekstrom Foundation grant extended support for our food pantry by providing funding for purchasing food, fuel, and other essential supplies necessary for its operation.

CVX THEC w Blue Lettering 4-line_R.png

The Chevron grant program provided us with the opportunity to employ a formerly homeless veteran, making a meaningful impact on both their life and our community.

The Wal-Mart Community Quality of Life Grant facilitates the purchase of bus passes and transportation for veterans to attend VA appointments, medical consultations, and community events, ensuring improved access to essential services and social opportunities.

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